The 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

Should Calgary bid? The Calgary Bid Exploration Committee is working to gather information to answer this important question. The Committee's mandate is to evaluate whether pursuing an Olympic bid is feasible and prudent to help Calgary flourish in the long term. Regardless of the City’s decision, the Committee's work will help inform and guide the City’s way forward.

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Why Explore a Bid?

The 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games have the potential to add billions to the Alberta economy and create several thousand jobs for Albertans. On the other hand, bidding on the Games involves a significant commitment without any guarantee of success and hosting the Games would be a sizeable investment.

Regardless of a yes or no decision, there will be no status quo option for Calgary’s ’88 Games legacy. In 2026, legacy infrastructure will be close to 40 years old and decisions will need to be made on how and if these facilities should be renewed. Evaluating what value the ’88 legacy facilities still have is a key consideration as the committee moves forward with its bid exploration.

Considerations the Committee Will Explore


Calgary's Olympic Legacy

Is there a chance to improve legacy facilities, whether we bid or not?


Economic Opportunity

What opportunities exist for Calgary with purposeful development?


Sport Development

Are there opportunities to enhance our sports leadership and training capacity?


Social development

Can we improve our affordable housing and community amenities long-term? 

Cultural Enrichment

Would bidding on the Games help us celebrate our diverse heritage and embrace our future?


Costs & Risk

Are the costs of the Games justified economically, socially and environmentally?

About Us

No matter which direction Calgary chooses, the goal is to strengthen Calgary’s status as a centre for winter sport in Canada and the world. The Bid Exploration Committee, led by Chair Rick Hanson, is focused on developing a Master Hosting Plan to determine if that future should include a bid for the Games. 

The Committee

The Committee is an independent, arm’s-length organization, comprised of a volunteer public board and a small staff who carry out the Board’s instructions.


Our Mandate

The committee will provide City Council with the information they require to make a decision on whether or not to bid.

The Budget

The City of Calgary has supported the Bid Exploration, and contributed up to $4.7 million to fund the Master Hosting Plan.

The Process

Our report will provide a detailed analysis of the cost and potential impact of hosting the games and a comprehensive review of infrastructure and required investment. It will focus on maximizing the use of existing venues and facilities, and also consider a long-term plan for Calgary's 1988 legacy facilities—regardless of the bid decision.

The Committee is Focused on Five Work Streams

Public Engagement & Community Impact

Your thoughts and concerns will be a key factor in the recommendation. The potential impact on Calgarians’ lives will be studied through a public engagement and research process.

Master Facilities plan

How to maximize existing resources and ensure accommodation and transportation needs are met. Creating a long-term plan for Calgary’s ’88 legacy facilities (regardless of bid decision).

Stakeholder & GOVERNMENT relations

Gauge the support of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Government of Alberta and Government of Canada, and all locally-impacted groups.


Security & Risk

Security requirements and costs for venues, villages, accommodations, media facilities, transportation and training facilities.


Finance & Investment

What’s the business case for hosting? Net economic impact and potential benefit of construction, staging, operations and future legacy.


Have Your Say

For the past several months, the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee has taken the feedback from Calgarians, residents of the Bow Valley, First Nations, and other citizens to better understand their thoughts, hopes and concerns around a potential 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid. This information was critical in informing the Committee’s final report and recommendations to Calgary City Council. Thank you for your input.


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