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The Calgary Bid Exploration Committee welcomes all questions concerning its work in examining a potential 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid. If your question is not answered here, please email us directly. 

Who makes the final decision about whether Calgary should bid?

The Volunteer Board of the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee will submit a recommendation to City Council along with its full findings for city administration to review.

When will the final decision be made?

The Calgary Bid Exploration Committee’s report will be presented to city council in July 2017.

How can I contribute to the process?

Please provide us with your feedback.

What will the committee be looking at?

The committee is organized in five work streams who will each research and report on a key issue that will inform the recommendation.

How were the CBEC staff and volunteer board members selected?

The CBEC Volunteer Board is comprised of 17 Calgarians from a diverse range of backgrounds selected by the City of Calgary to present a balanced perspective throughout the exploration process.

CBEC staff members have been hired to carry out the direction of the Board and undertake the work required for the bid exploration process. Staff members were recruited and hired by CBEC based on their extensive expertise and key skills required to support the Committee’s mandate. To review the CBEC workstream leads, click here.

Who is funding the bid exploration?

The City of Calgary is contributing up to 4.7 million to fund the Bid Exploration process.

If city council decides to bid, who will form the bid committee?

In the event that City Council decides to pursue a bid, a bid committee will be selected at that time. The Calgary Bid Exploration Committee will not continue beyond the exploration process.

If city council decides not to bid, what becomes of the committee's recommendations?

The analysis done by CBEC will be a valuable data source to help inform future decisions on Calgary’s winter sport infrastructure.