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Finance & Investment

The Finance and Investment arm of CBEC is developing a business case for an Olympic and Paralympic bid to test whether or not hosting is feasible. Any and all financial information gathered through the work of CBEC’s other work streams will be factored into a comprehensive economic analysis including revenues and costs. The Finance and Investment team will also develop a projection for overall economic impacts on Calgary and the surrounding area if a bid were to be successful.

The financial model being created by the team is developed through a robust analysis of operational costs from past Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, including VANOC 2010, and a mix of cost estimates from the Master Facilities and Security and Risk work streams. Using previous financial statements from past Games (excluding Sochi) as a backdrop, the Finance and Investment team adds CBEC’s original research and frames all the information in a modern Calgary context, including the City’s established long-term infrastructure investment plans.

It is crucial that a potential Games would fit into the long-term plans of Calgary and surrounding communities and would accelerate and advance projects for the benefit of all residents. To these ends, the Finance and Investment group’s financial model runs from bid exploration through to ongoing legacy, assuming a bid moves forward and is successful. CBEC is committed to exploring whether potentially hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games is feasible and financially responsible, and whether it will benefit the city for years to come.