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Master Facilities Plan

The Master Facilities Plan (MFP) is an overall hosting concept that outlines the potential capital costs and requirements required to stage the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The MFP work stream reviews all potential sport venues, athlete and media villages, media centres, accommodations and transportation requirements.

The MFP work stream, from a facility perspective, inspects potential venues to ensure they meet Olympic and international standards. This includes examining any gaps or issues and developing scenarios by which facilities could be upgraded to meet the required standard. This work has a profound effect on the overall feasibility assessment of a potential Olympic bid.

However, the assessment of whether a facility can properly meet Olympic standards is not the only piece of the puzzle. The MFP also examines how facilities used within the plan could maximize a sustainable legacy for Calgary and surrounding communities. In order for the Games to make sense for the city, there must be a focus on an enduring legacy that benefits all residents beyond 2026 and is aligned with the direction of the city overall.

The MFP’s assessment of the potential capital costs will form the basis of the Bid Exploration Committee’s financial analysis of a potential bid.

If the decision of the City is to not move ahead with a bid, the findings of the MFP will help inform city funding decisions regarding the 1988 Olympic venues.