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Security & Risk

Ensuring that any potential Games would be safe and secure for Calgarians, athletes, officials and visitors is a key consideration in the work of the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee. Security considerations today are far more involved than in 1988, and this elevated importance carries the potential for a significant cost impact.

The Security and Risk work stream has developed a security philosophy to guide the process for making the Games secure in a cost and resource effective way. A huge part of this work is a security vulnerability assessment of all potential and proposed venues, overlaid against identified potential threats, to better understand how to mitigate risk at each site. This includes not only sport venues but also athlete and official accommodation, transportation networks and any public spaces that would be involved in Olympic activity.

To assist in this, the team has done extensive research into past Olympic and other international sport event security plans—assessing what worked well and creating best practices for the development of a security framework for a potential 2026 bid. Key considerations include the incorporation of technology to support security staff and personnel placement commensurate to the risk profile and the skillsets required—ensuring that the right security staff would be allocated in the right places.

The security work stream is partnering with both the Calgary Police Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as they continue to advance this work.