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Stakeholder & Government Relations

If a bid were to be developed, several organizations would be key to its success. These include Canada’s National Sport Organizations, existing sport facility operators, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, parks administrators, the governments of Alberta and Canada, First Nations, environmental organizations and others. The input and support of these groups would be crucial to a cohesive and well-supported bid process.

The Stakeholder and Government Relations work stream is consulting with these groups through a process of written submissions and structured interviews in order to understand the impact a bid may have on direct stakeholders, to determine their level of support for a bid, and to understand what conditions that support may have. This work stream is also collaborating with the Public Engagement work stream to ensure that, across the two programs of activity, stakeholders spanning social, environmental, economic and sport communities are consulted.

Any Olympic and Paralympic bid would require the full support of all three levels of government to move forward. While it is premature to ask for that support before a bid decision is made, the Stakeholder and Government Relations team is evaluating the landscape for government involvement. The team is assessing the government departments and programs that exist to support major sporting and cultural events like the Olympics, and seeking to understand what factors would go into a decision on whether to support a potential Calgary bid.